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Urology, Andrology, Nephrology

S.A. Borisov, F.I. Kostyev, A.V. Borisov

Study of the regulatory influence of multidirectional drugs on thiol status in blood and tissues of kidney of rats in the design of acute pyelonephritis and concomitant diabetes mellitus type I


The article analyzes the results of experimental and clinical work on laboratory rats to determine the peculiarities of the regulatory influence of multi-vector action drugs on the stimulation of metabolic and detoxification processes expressed in changes in the parameters of thiol status in blood and kidney tissues under the conditions of the simulation of acute pyelonephritis and concomitant diabetes mellitus type I.

A significant violation of the thiol status has been detected - a decrease in the level of reduced glutathione and an increase in the oxidized form, respectively, relative to the norm, indicating the exhaustion of the potential of the antioxidant system and the compensatory capacity of the organism in the conditions of the active course of the inflammatory process in the kidneys. The application of investigated multi-vector drug products contributed to the restoration of thiol status in an organism of animals, provided that the acute pyelonephritis with concomitant diabetes mellitus was modeled.

The investigational medicinal products, Nuklex and Armadin, restoring the disturbed thiol status in the blood and kidneys of rats in acute pyelonephritis and concomitant diabetes mellitus, reduce the negative effect of oxidative stress. The positive influence of the investigated drugs on the thiol status in the organism of animals, which can contribute to the improvement of detoxification functions and morphofunctional state of the kidneys, is a significant experimental justification for their application in clinical conditions in the complex treatment of acute pyelonephritis, which is complicated by diabetes mellitus.