scientific journal
Urology, Andrology, Nephrology

S.P. Dmytryshyn

Urolithiasis: epidemiologic peculiarities in regional aspect


The work based on studying the materials of the official statistics for 10 years (2004-2013) (the latter consisted of two 5year periods) demonstrated not only the character of dynamics but also the peculiarity in changes of morbidity, spread of urolithiasis among various levels of the adult population, and also the basic data of a specialized aid to the specific category of patients, including mortality. Proceeding from the up-to-date tendency to define the role of the local municipal government and the importance of the corresponding information for the administrative organizing decisions at the level of separate administrative territories, these data were analyzed in comparative aspect for Ukraine as a whole and the Central Region. The differences found between them concern not only the character of dynamics of these or those findings but also their quantity and intensity of changes. The received information allow to come to a conclusion about the existence of general conformity with the epidemiologic processes that in considerable way are defined not only by the state of health protection but by social economic factors as well, this also concerns the similar problems which need to be solved taking into account the resource provision first of all at the regional levels.