scientific journal
Urology, Andrology, Nephrology

V.P. Stus, N.N. Moiseenko, E.P. Ukrainets, К.V. Nikolaeva

Treatment of urinary bladder diverticulums


Diverticulums are divided into congenital and acquired ones. The causes of the congenital diverticulums include detrusor weakness and bladder sphincter hypertrophy. The causes of the acquired diverticulums are considered to be prostate adenoma, sclerosis of the bladder‘s neck, urethral stricture. According to our data, BPH does not lead to the appearance of the diverticulum, it is only an additional cause of the infravesical obstruction, which leads to the appearance of a clinical picture of congenital diverticula). Among 26 patients there are only 8 who underwent surgery for the removal of the large diverticula, but even after the removal of diverticula, 75% of the patients were again forced to be consulted by the urologist. Therefore, even after the surgical treatment, an active monitoring is needed to prevent the development of a renal insufficiency.