scientific journal
Urology, Andrology, Nephrology

V.P. Stus, V.V. Yekhalov, S.I. Barannik, N.N. Moiseenko, I.A. Romanyuta

Problems of verbal communication in higher medical education


Recently, the linguistic culture of students and interns has been decreasing. Some students can not only formulate an answer, but also ask a question. This is due to the low level of reading among young people. Live communication has turned into electronic. Now clip (fragmentary) perception of information is being formed. Clip thinking displaces deontology from medical practice. The results of the survey for «Reading in Ukraine» were conducted by the center im.O. Rozumkova indicate that 31% of the population of Ukraine never read books. Anonymous questioning among interns of various specialties was carried out in order to determine the causes of the lack of language culture. This phenomenon is associated with the progression of clip thinking among young people. Not all respondents read books, preferring online communication. Anonymous questionnaire Students and internships show that students are more likely to read books (95% versus 75% for interns). Book love among interns who study on a budget is 17% higher than that of contractors. Reading is a tool, the goal is education. Now culture speech replaces rationalism.