scientific journal
Urology, Andrology, Nephrology

V.Yu. Kundin, S.V. Pospelov

Dynamic renoscintigraphy in the urologic practice.


The abilities of radionuclide evaluation functi­onal kidneys state by dynamic renoscintigraphy are presented in this article. Examination modifications, indications, conditions and scintigraphy metodic, features of calculations main time-quantitative para­meters of kidneys function, working phases of diagnostic information and their practical value are presented. The renographic curves by normal and pathological kidneys function are analyzed. The pharmacological furosemide test for patients with hydronephrosis, features of its application by urological practice and their assessment in the different clinical situations are presented in this article.

The advantages of dynamic renoscintigraphy by another methods that visualize uroexcretory system are presented.