scientific journal
Urology, Andrology, Nephrology

А. Frolov, A. Sagalevich, P. Sernyak, A. Chernikov, L. Balka

Comparative evaluation of methods and results of treatment of urolitiasis of only kidney


Generalized experience of surgical treatment in patients with urolithiasis 637 only kidneys, covering the experience of clinic from January 1972 to December 1982, and from January 2000 to may 2013. The reference group consists of 230 patients with urolithiasis only kidneys, which have “traditional” treatment of the invasive methods specified in the first time period covered - 407 patients, treatment which was carried out with the use of minimally invasive tools. The analysis of treatment results and psychological aspects of health status of patients with only one kidney. The structure and the severity of patients with urolithiasis only kidneys for the forseeable forty years has not significantly changed, but against the background of the preliminary drainage only kidneys through ИPNS in the studied group deaths, cases of generalization was urosepsisa, all patients were discharged in a satisfactory condition, 92.4% of cases - without residual stones.