scientific journal
Urology, Andrology, Nephrology

V.V. Yekhalov, V.P. Stus, N.N. Moiseenko

Byuters syndrome. Acute kidney damage


The reviews examined the effective shift syndrome (CDS, crash syndrome, Byuters syndrome, traumatic anuria, post-traumatic uremia, myorenal syndrome, myoglobinuric nephrosis, ischemic muscle necrosis, etc.) - the body’s reaction to endotoxemia resulting from ischemic tissue damage. mechanical compression. The prevalence of SDP in road accidents is progressive In Ashgabat in 1948 there were 5% of victims with SDS, and in 1988 in Armenia - 23.7-59.0%). The frequency of occurrence of SDS in injuries ranges from 3.5 to 40% and is observed in catastrophes, collapses in mines and mines; during ground and logging operations), road traffic accidents - up to 20%; in case of the collapse of a multi-storey building - 40% of those rescued within 24 hours. The reviews examined in detail the pathogenesis, classification, treatment of the syndrome of effective compression. A literature review includes 242 sources.